Members of the Mt. Lebanon High School Class of 1962 and Guests:

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The purpose of this website is to provide classmates and guests a source of current and historic information relative to the Mt. Lebanon H.S. Class of 1962.  Photos, Memorials and other Class information may be accessed by clicking on the appropriate titles in the left margin of this page.

Recently, as our Class has had a reunion every 5 years since graduation, we had planned to have our 60 year reunion in 2022 in early October at Hilton Head Island.  Unfortunately Hurricane Ian wiped out our plans and we had to cancel.

Not to be denied the opportunity to extend our unbroken record of reunions, the Mt. Lebanon H.S. Class of 1962 had a 61st year reunion in Pittsburgh September, 19 - 20, this year (2023),  

Reunion activities included:

A casual gathering at Al's Cafe in Bethel Park, PA Tuesday, September, 19
Tennis and Golf at Fox Chapel Golf Club Wednesday, Sept. 20.
A business casual dinner at St. Clair C.C. Wednesday evening.

The weather and venues were perfect.  The reunion was attended by over 70 classmates, spouses and partners, coming from across the country as far away as Washington state, Colorado, Vermont, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, etc.

Photos appear in the '62 Photo Albums section of this website.

Comments were heard suggesting another reunion sooner than 5 years from now.
Stay tuned to this website for information if there is to be another reunion.

George Watt