The following Classmates have registered for Reunion 55 to date.  Check back from time to time for an up to date listing, which will be revised periodically as we receive additional registrations.
Abernethy, Roy
Agnew, Reed and Sandy
Amirjahed, (Partamian), Kaynoosh and Krikor
Anthon, Drew and Joyce
Bachman, Drew and Donna
Bennett, Bob and Lynne Molitoris
Berg, (Seymour), Sandy
Black, Richard (teacher and BB coach) and Betty
Booth, (Cook), Melissa and William
Carter, (Atkinson), Gretchen and Kelley
Chilcoat, Bob and Susan
Chivers, (Lane/Ballenger), Katie Jo and Doug Ballenger
Coleman, Ken
Copeland, Tom
Daniell, Jim and Sharon Verhotz
Delisi, Don
Denholm, Doug and Susan
Elliott, Hugh and Nancy
English, Clem
Finelli, Carmela
Fortunes, (Cefola), Dee and Rich
Gallup, Bob and Sue
Good, (Hudson), Harriet
Heid, (Bereznicki), Jeanne and Dennis Ross 
Heist, Rob
Hussing, (Conway), Cindy
Johnson, Rick
Kanters, Jim
Kilb, (Algeo), Connie and Art
Klaber, Dave and Kit
Kozma, David and Caroline Wright
Kumer, Jeff and Kathleen
Lammert, (Schindler), Susan
Layton, Rich and Mary
Mager, Nick and Deborah
MacDonald, (Gilmer), Amy
Mandell, Cynthia (a.k.a. Beth Kohnen)
Maston, Frank
McCann, (Melegari), Cheryl
McCaslin, Jim (Maybe)
McGarry, Bill "Corky" and Sharon
McMillan, Cliff and Billie 
Nicholas,  (Weeker), Julia
Nichols, (Bowman), Priscilla and Bill
O'Connor (Barnes), Marikate and Bill
Offutt, Bill
Orr, (Delisi), Adele
Russ, Ed and Tena
Sargent, Fred and Marty Stahl
Satterfield, Bob and Mary
Schlentner, Mel and Charlene
Seamans, Babs
Service, (Fryday), Marcia
Siegfried, Will and Louann Harris
Sowa, (Simpson), Lillian and Lester
Stahl, Ed
Stein, Paul and Guest
Stevens, Scudder
Steverman, (Linge), Hope
Thuransky, George and Sally
Toucey, Rick
Turner, (Weidner), Wendy and Dean
Tutty,  (Bowser), Joyce and Frederick
Wallin, Fred and Dorothy
Watt, George and Kim
Wentzel, Kurt
Will, Bart
Willison, (Johnston), Candy
Zeedick, Andrew (teacher) and Georgia