Reunion 50 Golfers
Reunion 50 Golfers
Classmates currently planning to attend Reunion 61 September 19 - 20, 2023 include:
Abernethy Roy
Agnew Reed
Anderson Paul
Bachman Drew
Bennett Bob
Blum John
Bowman (Nichols) Priscilla
Carney (Dineen) Ann (Missy)
Cefola (Fortunes) Dee
Chandlee Court
Chilcoat Bob
Cook (Booth) Melissa
Daniell Jim
Delisi Don
Dobkin Ed
Elliott Hugh
Finelli Carmela
Fryday (Service) Marcy
Geeseman Bob
Hamrick (Irwin) Claudia
Hersh Alex
Howe Dave
Johnson Rick
Judge Phil
Kanters Jim
Klaber Dave
Kohnen (Mandell) Beth (Cynthia)
Kumer Jeff
Lane (Chivers) Katie Jo
Larkin Jon
Lauerman Dewitt
Lauffer Ed
Lindsey John
Maston Frank
McNally Roth
Offutt Bill
Parsons Don
Pasuit John
Rahn Flicka
Russ Ed
Sargent Fred
Schindler (Lammert) Susan
Schlentner Mel
Schwartz Richard
Seamans Babs
Siegfried Will
Stahl Ed
Stein Paul
Studebaker (Ricca) Lynne
Thuransky George
Toucey Rick
Wallin Fred
Watt George
Weeker (Nicholas) Julia
Weidner (Turner) Wendy
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Roy Abernethy
June 19, 1944 President- Chase Professionals Married 2
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Roy Roy Abernethy (Abernethy)
President - Chase Professionals chase Married 2
I've been in Atlanta since getting my MBA from Pitt.  Started a business, made a mistake with business partners, so started over.  It has been successful & we employ over 2000 people every week in 20 locations in the South & Midwest.  Have been married for 41 years, 2 boys & 4 grandchildren, all who live nearby.  Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.   Send Roy  a MessageSend Roy a Message
Marty Adler
September 26, 1944 Retired Foreign Service Officer; now property manager and teacher Married 2
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Linda Rote (Arth)
March 27, 1944 retired Married 4
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robert bayers
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Retired Single
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March 15, 1944 Chairman of the Midwest - retired Single Again
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Debbie Hartsough (Brady)
January 13, 1945
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Debbie Hartsough (Brady)
Profile picture
Profile picture
January 13, 1945 University Trustee (very highly paid) Married 2
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Gayle Thomas (Brune)
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March 08, 1944 Retired Married

Sorry I'll miss the reunion this time. We live in the desert near Palm Springs CA with 2 big dogs and one big cat.  I'm retired but my husband is still working in the defense business.  It's lots of fun here, plenty of activities to keep me busy every day.
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