Missing Classmates

Please scroll down the listing below of '62 classmates considered "missing" as we have not been able to find contact information relative to their whereabouts.  Please review the names on the list, which will be updated from time to time, (especially after we send out the USPS announcement mailing and experience a return of undeliverable letters), and contact Connie Kilb Algeo @
calgeo@hotmail.com or George Watt @ gtwatt6@gmail.com if you know contact information or the status of any of the classmates listed.  Thanks!
"Missing Classmates"
Altman, Barbara
Ashane, Susan
Bauer, Diane
Borgman, Arlene (Married name, Wilson - husband, Otto)
Broshar, Jo Ann
Campbell, Daniel
Campbell, Martha
Casey, Sharyn (Married name possibly Brown?)
Chadek, Nancy (Married name, Grace)
Clark, Ronald
Dale, Leslie (Married name, Davey)
Danziger, Georgetta
Fischer, Martha
Hill, Linda
Hogan, Anna
Humphryes, Remola
Jones, Edward
Kapp, Elizabeth
Kennedy, William
Martini, Elizabeth
Matz, Martin
McKeen, Kenneth
Michaud, Charlanne
Moore, Marilyn
Oswalt, Carol Ann
Reichard, Norma (Married name, Wm Cover & Durkin)
Sawvel, Susan
Short, Reggie
Smith, Robert
Sweeney, John
Van Hulten, Ferdinand
Williams, Judith (Married name, possibly Richardson?)
Winder, Minna (Married name, Hardwick)
Wolff, Pamela